Hi everyone, Fran here
Today I'd like to give a review on the new Minion movie in 3D.

We took my little sis, Sophia age 6 to see the movie on opening day. My review is based solely on our honest opinion.

The Minions movie is a cute little prequel. The story explains how the minions came about and their journey to find a villian to be their perfect leader.

The story begins in the middle ages and travels through time till the present day. It takes place before they met Gru. 

Everyone loves the Minions I honestly don't know a kid that hasn't heard of the them. The Minions are cute little adorable yellow creatures that speak gibberish or "minionese" as they call it. 

The movie is very bright and colorful. It keeps your attention. The movie has plenty lots of laughs and giggles. However there were a few "deaths". By death I don't mean scary scenes, the best way I can describe without spoilers is that in the beginning when the Minions are searching for a master all their actions accidentally lead to their master's death. It's very fast paced and subtle that children are very unlikely to notice it. 

Other than that the movie itself is comical. We saw it in 3D but Sophie didn't really get the concept of 3D till near the end of the movie. The movie kept her attention, she was glued to the screen in a trance. We loved the minions movie, I feel like this movie would be just as great in 2D as well. If you liked despicable me and the prequel. I highly suggest you see this movie. 

Everyone is giving it a different review but we both give this a 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

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