Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Africa---The Water Project

Many Christmas's ago my daughter was very young and so sad because Santa brought everyone gifts but no one took Santa presents. I had to take my daughter to the dollar store so Francessca could buy Santa some socks and then she marched right up to the mall Santa with her little present in her hand and gave them Santa. Santa looked at me and I said, "Santa, she was sad for you. Merry Christmas! "

Another time we were on the road and she would ask to take sandwiches to people standing begging for money. Other times she would want to get scarves or gloves for those standing on the corners in the freezing cold. These are times as parents that our heart feel good and we know we are raising our kids right.

Like my daughter Francessca, I would like you all to meet aother very special 8 years old who has a very BIG heart too---her name is Nina. Nina is quite special. She is very talented. She writes her own stories and songs. She helps create smoothie's and healthy food ideas with her Mommy (Bernice Website) She helps her Mommy with her little adorble brother and she's a great big sister I hear. She is a 3rd grader and an honor roll student. And as you can see she is beautiful outside but she is also beautiful inside too.
One admiral thing that touched me about Nina---she has a BIG, BIG heart. She has big goals and wants to do BIG things in life. At just 8 years old, Nina started a fundraiser and is raising money so she can help build a well in Africa.

Over a billion people in Africa need fresh water. There is disease, lack of water, and a cycle of sickness due to this lack of water. Nina wants to help build a well to provide clean water to people but to do this she needs our help. So through the grace of God, prayers and kind people like you we can help make Nina's dream come true. Please click on this link below for further information---

So in honor of Nina and our African friends and the well fundraiser today's crafts is---  

African Rainstick