Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Craft

Everyone loves a snow globe. C'mon you know you can't resist shaking one if you see it on a table or mantle. Here is an adorable little snow globe I found on Kaboose. I like to use my own interpretations though and I change it up and make the craft suit my tastes. Crafting is fun and you should be able to put your own spin on things.


A small jar with lid

Florist clay
Glitter (preferably white)
Waterproof glue (Aquarium sealing glue
Plastic figures, plastic greenery,houses etc...


Books related to our topic:

The Snow Globe Family
Reviewed on Amazon---"A world within a snowglobe! Imaginative children will LOVE this book! Great illustrations, a simple but happy story, and a captivating concept will make this book a favorite--at Christmas and always. They'll never look at a snowglobe the same way again! Our four-year-old granddaughter was thrilled by it--and so was her grandmother."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year---Happy crafting and reading!

Hi Friends----

I haven't posted very much the last few months but I have a very good reason. My daughter is very ill and we have been going through some tough times. 

My daughter has the disabling autoimmune disease Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. It's really been hard to take it all in but even more difficult to see my daughter so ill and writhing in pain day after day. 

I was always there for my daughter. Whenever she needed me I was always here....many times putting off my own things  to do for her. Life is short so I just want to say enjoy these days with your kids as you never know when they will be replaced with sickness and pain.

I will not be able to post regularly as I just don't have the time with running to appointments but I will post as soon as possible.

Here's an easy craft and you can help to find the birds at the same time. Right now pine cones are all over the ground. I have seen them in the driveway every time we pass down the driveway.

Here is what you need:

Peanut butter
Pine cones string
Bird seed
A metal pie pan
Butter knife 

Spread newspaper out on the table. Pour some bird seed into the metal pie pan. Tie string onto one end of the pine cone.

Now--- take the butter knife and spread some peanut butter all over your pine cone. Once it's completely covered then you can either roll your pine cone into the bird seed until it is completely covered or you can spoon it onto the cone and pat it down with your fingers. There is no right or wrong way whichever way you choose your feathered friends will enjoy it!!

Bird feeders (Kids Can Do It)

When school's out & you're wondering how to keep your rug rats occupied, grab an armful of Renee Schwarz's books, rummage through your recycling bins, get out your paint boxes & glue stash, dig through your tool kits & get started on some fun things, then sit back & watch your fine feathered friends flock to your feeders. 

The Bird Book & The Bird Feeder (Hand in Hand with Nature)

I am in no way an expert birdwatcher, but this book and birdfeeder are so much fun to use. Like another reviewer, I was skeptical of birds actually coming to the feeder. In less than a week, they had not only found it, but were fighting to get inside it! The book is small, but well written and very informative for all ages, especially if you know very little about birdwatching. It makes the common birds you will see easy to identify. The feeder is great because it can be attached to a window pane, making up-close viewing possible from inside your house.
A great gift!