Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Craft

Everyone loves a snow globe. C'mon you know you can't resist shaking one if you see it on a table or mantle. Here is an adorable little snow globe I found on Kaboose. I like to use my own interpretations though and I change it up and make the craft suit my tastes. Crafting is fun and you should be able to put your own spin on things.


A small jar with lid

Florist clay
Glitter (preferably white)
Waterproof glue (Aquarium sealing glue
Plastic figures, plastic greenery,houses etc...


Books related to our topic:

The Snow Globe Family
Reviewed on Amazon---"A world within a snowglobe! Imaginative children will LOVE this book! Great illustrations, a simple but happy story, and a captivating concept will make this book a favorite--at Christmas and always. They'll never look at a snowglobe the same way again! Our four-year-old granddaughter was thrilled by it--and so was her grandmother."

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