There are times that it is very difficult to get our children to eat. Here on "Fun With Food" you will find some creative recipes that you can make or engage you children in making. If you have a fun recipe that you would like to share please use the contact page.

Bon appetit!!

Pigs in a blanket were always a favorite in our house when my daughter was growing up. One year for her birthday, I didn't have much money but I wanted to pull together a little party. Since hotdogs and biscuits are cheap, I made pigs in a blanket. Her friends demolished them. Now when we have parties they keep asking if we can have those cute little hotdogs. So, I hope you and your family enjoy them.  

Life has been chaotic lately, running for appointments, work, maybe taking care of your parents or an ailing Grandparent and in all of the confusion, you forgot to order the birthday cake. You have to pull something together in a hurry. Well, if you have children the "Worm Dirt Cake" will be the hit of the party.  Enjoy!!

We love banana's in my household. They are a filling snack and easy to handle when you are "on the go". Here's a cool summer treat,"Chocolate covered banana's.


Little children love to help their parents, teachers and caregivers. They love to please. So here's a chance to get them involved in preparing a family lunch. Here is an easy to prepare Pizza. You can let them prepare and have lots of toppings such as  bacon,pineapple,pepperoni,olives etc...

Ants on a log---I can remember all the time I made this snack for my daughter. This is a delicious snack and very healthy. Reminds me of a picnic and how ants won't stay off your blanket or picnic table.

This is a take off on the ants on a log but with a twist. For those children that don't like raisins this one is topped with blueberries but I think you can cut up any kind of fruit. I don't have the link but here is the recipe.
You'll need:
celery,peanut butter and blueberries
smear some peanut butter on celery and top with blueberries (or your favorite fruit.)


Sailing,sailing  over the ocean blue. Children will love this recipe for a sandwich. Great party idea too.This is a fun way to get children to eat their fruits. Apples are so delicious and nutritious. This recipe can be used everyday or made for a special occasions.Sail the high seas with these yummy cream cheese cucumber sailboats. Delicious and nutritious!!!

Comfort food---Materials Needed:You need 1 box of chocolate pudding,milk,cool whip and some cookies. I prefer Oreo or chocolate chips or something similar. Follow directions on box for the pudding. After it hardens layer it in some clear glasses as shown. You can even use 1 large glass bowl. You want to layer it---chocolate pudding,cool whip,crumbled cookies,chocolate pudding,cool whip,crumbled cookies. Top with cool whip and a few cookie crumbles for garnish.


Pancakes have always been a big hit in my house. Sometimes we eat them for breakfast and sometimes even for dinner. I found this yummy recipe and I wanted to share. Hope you enjoy.

Rainbow Parfaits

Kids love jello rainbows.Follow directions on boxes of Jello. Get several flavors and then pour into parfait glasses.

Jello poke cake is a fun cake for any occasion. I have made it for birthday's,cake sales and for holiday events. It's tasty,fun and colorful.

OMG---my sister's and I loved rock candy when we were young. It would come in all sorts of colors and we would each choose our favorite color. Mine was usually red. Here is a recipe to make your own rock candy.


Marshmallow Krispie Treats are so easy to make. They have been my daughter's favorites since she was little and she is 17 now. Here is the recipe I use. I have also used other cereals in place of Rice Krispie's such as Fruit Loops, Golden Grahams etc...

Smoothie's are so delicious. I make them for snacks or even sometimes for breakfast for a meal on the go. What's great about smoothie's is that you can use whatever fruit you have on hand. You don't have to adhere to a specific recipe. Here is recipe I like (but keep in mind that you can replace the fruit with any fruit you have on hand.) One thing I also like to do is slice up fruit and freeze it so I can toss it in the blender.

 Chocolate covered pretzels are soooooooo good. My daughter loves them and they are relatively simple to make. You can use regular twist pretzels,sticks etc...

Tater tot casserole---this is more comfort food to me. I saw this recipe or maybe one similar on the Duggars TV program awhile back.

Apple bites are simple to make. They can be used for Halloween or for any occasion. Another version with eyes--APPLE BITES

C'mon make some cute animals bagels BAGEL CRITTERS

Baby Pastina Soup was one of my daughter's favorite soups. She has enjoyed this soup from the time she was very little girl. My daughter and her friends would play out in the snow and them come inside and eat Baby Pastina. It's easy to make and delicious. It's very easy to make,here is the recipe: In a frying pan take 2 chicken tenderloins or 1 breast and cut it up into very small pieces. Steam it it some water until all the pink is gone. Now take a big soup pot and fill it 3/4 of the way with water. Once it's filled add the chicken and about 1/4 can of tomato sauce. Add 1tsp of Italian seasonings,4-5 teaspoons of chicken bullion and 1 tsp of beef bouillon. Stir ingredients. Now add 3/4 of a box of Pastina and bring to a boil. After it boils for about 3-4 minutes turn down and let it simmer stirring occasionally. I usually freeze in several small bowls (enough to serve 2). I then pull them out and thaw as needed. My Mom taught me this soup. Salt to taste.  

I love,love,love banana pudding and everyone makes it differently but here is a recipe from Kraft that I totally enjoy. Banana Pudding



Show your patriotic spirit with this fun recipe from Kraft.                                                         FIRECRACKER BITES
Kids love ice pops. Here is a nutritional pop made with fresh fruit and juicy juice.                           JUICY JUICE POPS

PATRIOTIC STRAWBERRIES Strawberries,cool whip and blue sugar sprinkles (like you use for Xmas cookies). Dip strawberry into cool whip and then into blue sprinkles.                          

Something fun and easy to make,  Patriotic Pops      


Pumpkin Pecan Spice Monkey Bread

Snack Mix

Graveyard Pumpkin Patch Cake
Click here for directions

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