Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Modpodge Picture Coasters

 My niece made these for Christmas presents. Her husband is a contractor and had leftover ceramic tiles. 


  • Ceramic Tiles or even blocks of wood will do.
  • Choose pictures, a magazine photo or print one on your computer (cut to fit)
  • Mod Podge 
  • Felt
  • Flat paintbrush or sponge brush


  • Position the picture onto each tile
  • Glue in place.
  • Once it dries coat with Mod Podge Give it several coats. You must let dry between each coat. Be careful so that you do not get air bubbles. If you do you can smooth it out with  your finger.
  • When the tile is completely dry add a felt backing so it doesn't slide or scratch your tables. 

In case you don't know what mod podge is this is what it looks like and it can be bought at Walmart and any craft store.

Monday, October 10, 2016

DIY Decorative Lamp Shade

I had a small lamp on my vanity that had a tiny lampshade. I tried to add a larger shade but it just didn't look right yet the little one didn't look right either so I had to improvise. Since I love anything that shines and glitters. I decided to add beads to it. I bought some tiny crystal beads from Walmart and strung about 12-15 per string. I knotted the first bead so that it wouldn't slip off and then I just continued stringing them and sewed them onto the lampshade. 

It turned out so cute and looks perfect on my vanity. I wasn't planning to add it to this page but I thought someone might like the idea. 

So enjoy!!

Here is a link to the crystal mirror I also did awhile back that's also on my vanity.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Check out our Toy Reviews

We will reviewing toys. Please check out our first toy review

If any toy manufacturers would like us to review their toys please  contact me .

Thank you 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Remembering Our Furry Friends

It's winter time here in the United States. The temperatures are frigid and there is ice everywhere. I thought it would be a great time to think about animals outside who have no home and our wildlife.

Today on the news there was a woman from the SPCA and she had a great tip for stray cats. She took a Styrofoam cooler and cut a hole in the base. She filled the bottom with some shredded papers and put a brick on top so it wouldn't blow away. She said don't put blankets because they freeze and become hard.

Another idea is feeding the birds. My daughter and I used to make bird feeders. Even though I posted this before I think it's worth mentioning due to the frigid temps. 


 As well as pine cone,peanut butter feeders


If you have pets please bring them inside.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Point Me In The Right Direction

Here's one more beaded craft---AN ARROW

Here's some photo's that Fran took so that you can see how it's done step by step.

Books related to our topic---

                                 Robin Hood And The Golden Arrow 

Robert San Souci retells the classic and humorous tale of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. Acclaimed author Robert San Souci and Caldecott Honor illustrator and Coretta Scott King Award winner E. B. Lewis retell the classic legend of Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow.

Robin Hood and his loyal band create a plan to outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham by attending an archery contest in disguise. In the end, it is Robin Hood and his friends who have the last laugh.
Kids of all ages will cheer for this classic tale based on the traditional story of Robin Hood.

                                             The Apple and the Arrow 

The year is 1291, and Walter is the twelve-year-old son of William Tell, the greatest bowman in the land of Uri. Walter lives happily in the remote heights of the Alpine Mountains, caring for his family’s goat herd and practicing his marksmanship in the hopes of making his father proud. But as the end of the year approaches, Walter’s peaceful life is shaken as his country enters a revolution, and Walter must carry a secret that could threaten the life of the father he loves so dearly.

More than seven hundred years have passed since the day Walter stood in the marketplace balancing an apple on his head while the Austrian tyrant Gessler commanded Walter’s father, William Tell, to take aim at the apple with his great crossbow. The dramatic tale of William’s arrest and escape and the daring revolt of the Swiss against the Austrians has become a legend around the world.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Froggie Went A Courtin...

Thursday at IV infusions the Child Life Specialist gave Fran several craft projects. One was a beaded frog. It took about an hour to complete.

This is the finished product---

Some books related to our topic---

A Frog Named Waldor
Written by Jacqueline  Rankine-Van Wassenhoven

This picture book story is for everyone who is young at heart or older. It’s about a young girl called Jennifer who loves to read books, especially books about water fairies. One summer’s day sitting by the pond near her village she meets a talking frog named Waldor. Waldor is quite a charming character and introduces Jennifer to some of his friends, the water fairies and Mrs. Nightingale. How does Jennifer get onto the lily pad with Waldor?…And the story continues.

Amazon Review--"Everyone loves to be taken away to another place and time. A Frog Named Waldor will give you just that chance to escape into the magical enchanted forest with Jennifer,the fairies and a quite lively pond frog named Waldor! Enjoy this read as I definitely give it 5 stars!!"

The Fabulous Adventures of Fred the Frog
Fred is a friendly frog that lives in a pond he calls home. He is surrounded by many caring friends including Betsy the Butterfly, Hermit the Frog, and the well-known Mr. Flyman and his band. They pass their time singing and dancing to many favorite songs. On Fred’s seventh birthday he blows out his candles and makes a wish. To his surprise his wish is granted! Come join Fred and friends on his journey to many fabulous adventures and discover if he chooses to live in the magical place he wishes for.

Amazon Review--"Our 2 year old grandson received this book as a gift. He chooses it to be read to him over other books he has. He really enjoys the pictures!"

Monday, July 14, 2014


My daughter spends two days a week at infusions. The Child Life Specialist at John Hopkins is very good with the kids/teens. She gives them cool crafts to help keep them occupied and for the younger children they have things like Lego's  or movies on DVD etc...

Today Fran got a cute beaded penguin which she put together in about an hour. Here's the completed project and materials you will need. It looks like this--

Here's the materials you will need to complete this little penguin--

  • 1 Metal ring
  • 18 white beads
  • 3 orange beads
  • 31 black beads
  • 4 feet of black cord


Here are some step by step pictures to show you the progress.

And of course the finished Product!

Books related to our project:


Let your child’s creativity run wild with Kids’ Book Of Beads, the book that brings beading to life. We have an array of designs for you and your children to enjoy.

If you’re brand new to beading then our handy guide to tools and techniques will help you get started. Make pretty pendants, wire bling rings or bring to life a beaded bunny.

Each simple and fun design comes complete with clear, concise diagrams and colourful images to aid the creative process. Experiment with colour and shape to add a personal twist to projects. Your child will never look at beads the same way again.

Whether you’re 8 or 48, there’s something here for everyone; boys, girls and parents too!

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