Friday, December 23, 2011

Pine Cone Craft

I have a daughter who is chronically ill and it's been a really rough few weeks. So are you ready for Christmas?? I can't believe it is just a few days ago. Where oh where has this year gone???

Here's a craft we did with our little ones. It is simple and part of nature.
Go outside and try to find some pine cones or if you don't want to do that you can go purchase some at your local craft or Walmart store.

Here's what you'll need:
Pine Cones
Ribbon or string
Craft glue
Paint brush

It's very simple. Take the paint brush and put glue on your pine cone. Once it's glued then you can either roll the pine cone in glitter or take a plastic spoon and add the glitter to your pine cone. Once the cone is dry then you can pat it to get the access glitter off of it. Now add a string or ribbon to hang it and voila! You now have a beautiful natural ornament for your tree.

I have several on my tree that were made years ago including the one in the picture and they last forever with some TLC. After the Christmas holiday I wrap each ornament  in 2 layers of paper towels to make a nice cushion and then store them in a big plastic container for safe keeping. 

Some of my ornaments date back to 1935. I have my Mom's collection and I have  bought my own daughter an ornament every year since she was born so someday she will have quite a collection for her own kids. 

It's really a fun tradition and many times we sit and reminisce about each ornament. I try to buy the ornament to what coincides with what she is interested that year. So...we have quite a few topics to cover.

Christmas is memories and well it's fun to make our own.
Merry Christmas!!

Books related to our topic:

Snowmen at Christmas 

Reviewed on Amazon--"The Buehner snowmen inhabit a twilight zone some where that humans stay in after sunset and do not even peek out the window until sunrise, leaving our frozen friends free to pull their action-packed, gleeful shenanagans the whole night through before sliding back to their approximate original positions somewhat worse for the wear. A sequel to "Snowmen at Night," this title celebrates the yuletide festivities with deorations, a flying snow Santa and reindeer and even snow gifts. Both, with rhyming text and colorful action paintings said to be oil over acrylic, will be enjoyed by the picture book crowd. Yes, you can search out the hidden pictures on each page, if you wish... A good choice for personal, school, and public libraries." For more information

The Sweet Smell of Christmas

As a child, I knew it was Christmas when my mother brought out this wonderful book. I scratched and I sniffed, year after year, until all the scent was gone. Or so I thought... Last year, while unpacking a box of childhood books and toys, I ran across my copy. The fragrance is faint, but the memories are strong. What a magical feeling this book evokes, combining a charming story with scents that have lingered in my mind all these years. I just bought a copy for my own 6-year-old, and I can't wait to give it to him for Christmas! For more information

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