Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best Dish Cloths Ever!!

My daughter and I make our own dishcloths. It actually happened by accident. Fran had scrap yarn and asked what she could make and I said make me a dishcloth. One day I didn't have any cloths left and needed to use it. I found out it was super absorbent and worked great so I made more. I decided to make my Dad a few and he loved them too. 

They are made with Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. It's like $2.00 a spool. This material soaks up spills better than paper towels or terry towels. The dishcloths are simple,very absorbent and do the job. I have several for my dishes and the old ones I use for cleaning. They are better than paper towels and sop up a messy spill in no time. I crochet and Fran knits them. They aren't fancy but they are the best cloths ever. You can buy it at places like Walmart, Joanne's, and craft shops.

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