Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guinea Pig Crafts

Piggie and Cuddles 
My daughter and I acquired our first guinea pig about 10 years ago. My daughter wanted a pet and after some research I thought a guinea pig would be the perfect pet. We named our guinea pig Ally but soon we changed her name affectionately to Piggie.

Piggie was a baby when we got her from a local pet store. She was very animated and quite vocal. We have allot of fun memories of Piggie and she made a great pet.

I ran across some really cool guinea pig crafts. How about making your sweet little furry friend a house? These houses are so adorable and I'm sure your furry friend would adore one.

I couldn't find any with directions but if you are crafty I don't think these will be very hard. You could use some very thick and sturdy corrugated cardboard. Guinea Pigs like to chew so they might try to eat it. Be careful to use non-toxic paint and materials that don't splinter.

Or maybe a soft bed?? Here are some really cute ideas to assure your guinea pig a super night's sleep.

Guinea Pig Bed

Here's a really nice guinea pig run too. Wish I had one of these years ago. You can find the directions here.

Here is a book I write about my guinea pig, Piggie. It's called---
Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure
Written and Illustrated by: MJ Daley-Prado
Piggie Wiggie'sPiggie experiences life outside of her safe surroundings where everything seems so strange, loud, and unusual to her. She hears sounds and sees things that she has never seen before from her cage that was situated high on a shelf in Emmy's room. Piggie goes on a ride of a lifetime as she slides behind the wheel of a remote control Barbie car and accidentally presses the button and sets the wheels in motion. Piggie gets herself into some pretty funny, scary and unpredictable situations. Will Piggie Wiggie ever find her way home?
More guinea pig books--
Sammy, The Classroom Guinea Pig
are some interesting books related to Guinea Pigs.

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