Monday, October 10, 2016

DIY Decorative Lamp Shade

I had a small lamp on my vanity that had a tiny lampshade. I tried to add a larger shade but it just didn't look right yet the little one didn't look right either so I had to improvise. Since I love anything that shines and glitters. I decided to add beads to it. I bought some tiny crystal beads from Walmart and strung about 12-15 per string. I knotted the first bead so that it wouldn't slip off and then I just continued stringing them and sewed them onto the lampshade. 

It turned out so cute and looks perfect on my vanity. I wasn't planning to add it to this page but I thought someone might like the idea. 

So enjoy!!

Here is a link to the crystal mirror I also did awhile back that's also on my vanity.

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