Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blinged Out Clock

Hi everyone!!
This is for pre-teen and up. **We use a glue gun for this project so please make sure you have your parents permission and supervision.
I had my eye on a fancy decorative clock at Walmart. My house was recently painted and I have been trying to decorate each room and as you know it can get very expensive. So, I decided why not make the clock myself.
So, I used the $5. old clock on my kitchen wall and I bought---1 pack of clear bugle beads,and 1 pack of rhinestone flowers in assorted sizes. The cost was approximately $5. @ Walmart and I had leftover beveled clear beads from another project.
I used my hot glue gun and in tiny sections I glued the bugle beads on over the entire clock. Make sure you sit the glue gun on a oven mit or a plate because it gets hot and can make quite a mess. Also be very careful as the glue gets extremely HOT. I use a Popsicle stick for places that are difficult to reach. The project was quick and easy to do and as you can see it looks quite beautiful to use in any room of your house.

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