Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Suncatchers

These suncatchers are so easy to do. (**Mom's you need to help and supervise as we use a hot oven for this one!!)
This is what you will need:
  • Use an old round cake pan. (Make sure it's clean and free of grease.)
  • Bag of colored plastic beads (Walmart or any craft shop has them)
  • Drill to make a hole
  • Nylon thread or some type of cord for hanging
  • Suction cup
  • Oven and oven mits
Pour it into the cake pan and let your child at it down. I got creative and added a heart cookie cutter to the center and fileld it with red beads and then when I took it over to the oven I very gently removed the heart cookie cutter before putting it into the oven to bake.

Bake at 350 degrees until beads are melted. (You have to watch it)

Drill a hole and add string and it's ready for hanging. When the sun hits it it looks like a giant starburst!

This is how it looks with the sun shining through. It reminds me of a giant sunburst of colors.

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