Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This is a craft for pre-teen and older. I had an old wooden framed mirror and was trying to think of how I could dress it up and make it look elegant. So,I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of beads and glue sticks. For $12. I was able to make a very elegant blinged out mirror for my bedroom vanity.

2 bags Bugle Beads (1.97 Walmart)
1 bag of Faceted beads (2.97 Walmart
1 box of rhinestones (all sizes 4.95 Walmart)
Large pack of glue sticks (for glue gun )

You can use a mirror that you have around your home or go to a thrift shop and buy a 2nd hand one. This project takes about 2 days depending how fast you work and how much time you put into the project. You don't have to use clear beads either you can use whichever color that suits you for your project/room.

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