Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Basket Project

Easter is just around the corner. Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the bunny trail right to your front door with these cute handmade bunny baskets. You can make them for your children, grandchildren or get the kiddies involved in a fun and easy craft project. This is an inexpensive craft project made from materials you may have laying around your home.
  • An empty, shoe box
  • Scissors
  • Big bag of cotton balls
  • Glue or glue gun
  • Pink or white yarn
  • Marker
  • Pink felt
  • Black or felt, black jelly beans, or black paper
Use the lid and draw two bunny ears the length of the lid. After you have drawn the ears, cut them out. Cut 2 ovals out of pink felt, foam or construction paper and glue in the center of your ears. Once you have done this secure your ears in place onto the inside front of the box. You can secure them in place with some heavy tape such as lduck tape. Once in they secured in place have the kids glue cotton balls around the pink of the ears and all over the entire bunny.
Once your bunny is dry add black eyes, and some whiskers and make a yarn tale by taking a few pieces of pink yarn or you can make a pop-pom and glue it on.

 Click to learn how to make easy Pom-Pom.


This is how it will look before the cotton balls are glued on

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