Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dry Bean Mosaic

With May, soon approaching here is a great idea for a Mother's day gift. Any type of dry bean such as, legumes, red beans, peas, lentils,even jelly beans etc. Dry beans come in a variety of beautiful color and shapes. (**Parents, jelly beans would be more costly but they can also be used. You can often buy jelly beans at a reduced cost after the Easter holiday.)
First, decide whether you want to create a picture or a random design.  If you decide to make a picture, draw it on paper first and identify which beans you want where. Making a mosaic is allot like a paint by number. There are two ways to make this piece of art.
Method #1
**If you have very young children you can draw a simple picture such as a fish or a heart. Once you have drawn the picture you can then glue the beans directly onto the cardboard.

Method #2
***If you have an older child, you can choose the clay method. To do the clay method you or your child would first cover his piece of cardboard with an even layer of modeling clay. After you put the clay onto the cardboard, you would then take a sharpened pencil and gently mark the design into the clay.This will help to guide you while placing the colored beans. (I have added some sample projects that are more complex and artistic.

You are now ready to begin the mosaic. Press the colored beans into the clay in the design you have created. 

Materials Needed:
·         A variety of dry beans, peas, red bean and lentils
·         Modeling clay
·         A firm surface such as cardboard (or foam board)
·         Glue

Once you decide the size of your art work and which method, draw your picture and then proceed to either glue or place your bean into the clay. When you have completed your art work allow it to dry for at least 24 to 72 hours.

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