Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Clothes Pin People

This is such a cute craft and as you can see in the video even the little ones were involved in the making of the craft.
Here is what you are going to need:
Clothes Pins (the non-springy kind)
Paint Brush
Acrylic Paint
Palette (to put paints in)

**I want to thank Green Apple for a cool craft idea. We are always looking for cool craft ideas so if you have any please send them to us. Info on contact page. Thanks ---Fran

Books related to our project:

HALLOWEEN NIGHT                                      Reviewed on Amazon--"Rising Moon Publishing is well known for its beautiful children's books, and they continue to raise the bar with this holiday offering for young children. A simple Halloween story that invites young Wenzel illustrations will also appeal to adults who love Halloween and they will want to add this book to their own library." For more info 

                                       THE HALLOWEEN TREE
I first tried to read this book when I was around the suggested reading age (about 12 years old). Now that I'm 18 I finally tuly appreciated this masterpiece. Never before have I seen the true essence of Halloween captured on paper so perfectly. Life and death, night and day, Autumn and Summer, courage and friendship, Halloween and all it's components are presented to the reader in fantastic imagery that will transport you back to those Halloween nights that we miss so much. The nights when you could taste the magic in the air. Bradbury is an artist and these 145 pages are his canvas. If you are a true fan of Halloween or want to become one this book is for you. For More Info

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