Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-school Halloween Pumpkin

Here's a very simple Halloween art project that you can do with your preschool children or the kindergarten crowd. The tiny tots don't have a big attention span so it would be great to pre-cut everything ahead of time.

Materials Needed:
Orange Foam or Construction Paper
Black Foam or Construction Paper
Green Foam or Construction Paper

Use a dinner plate and trace a round circle on the orange foam/construction paper. Now take your black foam/construction paper and cut 3 triangle shapes for the eyes,nose and whatever shape you prefer for the mouth. It can be a half circle or more triangular like the smile in this picture. It's entirely up to you. Make it your "own"pumpkin.

Halloween books--
Five Little Pumpkins
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Reviewed on Amazon--"BOO to You, that is how i began reading this delightful book to my students. By the end of the book my pre-k class were yelling,'BOO'."
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Where is Baby's Pumpkin
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