Friday, October 28, 2011

Rock Creations

Hey's time to gather some rocks (the bigger the better) and make some Halloween decorations.

Here's what you will need:
*Large rocks
*Orange Tempra Paint
*Black Marker

*Paint Brushes
*Spray Vanish

Here's what you need to do---Lay the newspaper down on the table. Paint your pumpkin orange. Onc it dries draw a face on your pumpkin. Use the photo as your guide or be creative and do your own thing.

Here's an additional visual I found that will also help--

Books available for Halloween:

                                        Halloween Fruit
Reviewed on Amazon--"This book was a great buy for me and my family. We bought it, discussed all the fruit in the book, then that night when we were grocery shopping, my kids were trying to find the monsters from the book! My 2 year old hid behind my chair and laughed over my shoulder while reading the book. The blackberry is awesome. Worth the purchase if you've got some small kids and want to learn to identify fruit or prep up for Halloween excitement." For more info

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