Monday, October 3, 2011

Three Pumpkins In A Row

I absolutely love this idea---I found it on FamilyFun. It's a nonperishable alternative and you can save it to display for many Halloween's to come. 
Terra-cotta pots
Yellow craft paper
Mod-Podge Outdoor
Short, fat sticks

Instructions--For each one, invert a terra-cotta pot. Cut eyes, a nose, and a toothy grin out of yellow craft paper. Brush Mod-Podge Outdoor on the surface of the pot where you want the features to go and press them in place.To weatherproof your creation, apply a final coat to the entire pot. Finally, insert a short, fat stick into the hole for a stem.
Books related to our craft--
Duck & Goose Find A Pumpkin By Tad Hills
Reviewed on Amazon~"I was walking through the book store looking for books for my 17 month old and this book caught my eye because of the beautiful fall colors. The story is short (but not too short), cute and funny, and I love the illustrations. This is our first duck & goose book and now I can't wait to get more!" To Purchase
Druscilla's Halloween By Sally Walker
Reviewed on Amazon~"Adorable and hilarious at the same time. I was taken in by the beautiful watercolor artwork that drew me into the storyline, which was, by the way, very humorous. This story revolves around an old witch named Druscilla, who has creeky knees and a real problem being able to scare the children on Halloween night, seeing how witches are supposed quietly creep up on their victims. But, this didn't discourage her from performing her yearly duties, it only made her more determined to find a solution to her problem. A very good real life lesson. Written in a very endearing style, the author gives Druscilla credit for the invention of the flying broom. I loved reading it and will enjoy it for many years to come. A definite must have for your children's library." To Purchase


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