Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barbie Furniture

This is a project for Mom.,and possibly some Dad's.

 I didn't have money to go out and splurge on toys for my daughter. I am a single Mom and so I  put my thinking hat on and I thought to myself why not make my daughter a house and furniture. This was a really cool project. It took a few weeks to do but it was all worth it!!

I made all sorts of furniture ranging from couches, beds, bunk beds, tables, chairs, a vanity, chaise lounge etc... It was allot of fun and enjoyment.

When I finally gave the furniture and house to my daughter she and her friends would spend hours playing Barbie's. I heard them giggling and sometimes fussing over who was going to use what piece of furniture. All the neighbor kids thought it was so cool that Fran's Mom makes Barbie stuff. It became so popular that I began making things for gifts because other children were without furniture or houses for their Barbie.

Maybe you are creative like me. Use your imagination and decorate any which way you choose! Have fun with it!!!

Materials Needed:
·        All different sizes of cans and boxes---The boxes need to range from little gifts boxes to cereal boxes to Pringles chip cans, vegetable cans.
·        Some sturdy cardboard
·        Utility knife
·        Duct Tape
·        Fabrics (all sizes and colors
·        Lace, ruffles, trims for fabric
·        Glue Sticks
·        Glue Gun
·        Polyester Filling
·        Popsicle Sticks
·        Pieces of foam, dollar store foam curlers, sanitary pads (all these make great fillers for sofas, beds and pillows.
·        Crafts Glue
·        Tiny artificial flowers
·        Choose what you are going to make and secure boxes in place.
·        Once secured you can begin covering your couch in fabric
·        Then decorate and put the final additions on your piece using ruffles, trim etc...
**When you are done with the fabric what I like to do is I use popsicles sticks and I will glue them onto the back of the couch to make it stronger as well. You can do this before or after the fabric is added.
Below are some of the neat things that you can make.

Pringle Can Chair--
This makes a cute chair.
Materials Needed:
·        Pringle Can
·        Cardboard
·        Glue Sticks
·        Glue Gun
·        Utility Knife
·        Duck Tape
·        Fabri,ruffles,etc..

·        Cut about 1/2 of the Pringle can off.
·        Cut 2 pieces of cardboard on a circle
·        Glue to Pringle can
·        Stuff with fabric
·        Now you are ready to cover in fabric

Bed Directions---
·        I use cereal boxes for a double bed and Kleenex boxes for single beds.
·        You want to secure it and make it sturdy so it's best to stuff the boxes with newspapers.
·        Once you do this then cut 2 pieces of heavy cardboard and glue one on the top and one on the bottom of the box. This will make it very stiff and secure.
·        Now measure the end of your bed and cut 2 pieces, now glue them on for your headboard.
·        Once you secure your boxes and headboard then you can cover in fabrics of your choice.
·        Add ruffles and lace for trim.
·        Make pillows out by covering either a sanity pad or some larger foam rollers

Bunk Beds for Little Kelly Dolls
·        2 Small Kleenex Boxes
·        Cardboard
·        Popsicle Sticks
·        Glue Sticks
·        Glue Gun
·        Utility Knife
·        Fabric
·        Duct Tape
·        Fabric


Look at illustration.
Glue boxes together and then decorate with Fabric.


For Table
·        Cut 2 pieces of Cardboard in a 3x5 to use for a kitchen table.
·        Glue together
·        Now glue Popsicle sticks on top or cover in wood fabric.
·        Glue Popsicle legs onto table. (Sit doll on chair so that you can determine where to cut the height.
For Chairs--
·        Use a small gift box
·        Cut 2 popsicle sticks to use for the front legs
·        Use 2 ful length sticks for the back of the chair.
·        Cut 2 cardboard squares to use for the back of the chair
·        Once you have everything tapes and glued into place you can begin decorating with fabric


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