Saturday, May 21, 2011

Made By Me

I wanted to share some crafts that I made using Crayola clay. It's very easy to mold and it usually takes about 24-48 hours to dry. It depends on the thickness of the art piece.

 I am a single Mom and disabled. I can't afford to buy gifts so I like to make things. Last year I made all sorts of Christmas ornaments. I would like to share a few. This is what you can do with clay and a little paint.

As you can see the photo to the left is of the Pillsbury dough boy. He was pretty big and took about 3 days to dry completely. Once he was dry I painted him white and sprayed him with vanish. I then glued some wiggly eyes on him to make him authentic. He was a Christmas gift for my sister who adored anything with this character on it.
 The next ornament was of "Sponge Bob" Square Pants. Vince loves Sponge Bob and so I made this tiny ornament for him. It was about an 1 1/2 inches and so it was a little bit tedious to paint. By the way I use paper clips for the hooks. They have to be put into the clay before it hardens. You can see that I am holding it by the hook.

Needless to say,Vince loved the ornament. I also made "Back Pack" for his brother,Gippy and a "Bear" for Avi his other brother.
The next ornament was a fire engine. My Dad's Step Son is studying to be a fire fighter and so I decided to make him an ornament. I painted it with red fingernail polish and made the ladder out of toothpicks.

My last picture is of a winter scene. I call it "Penguins at Play". This picture doesn't really do it justice. The round dome behind the penguin is an igloo and it actually has a hole but you can't see the entrance. I have sparkle white glitter on the piece and so it's very sparkly. The penguin on the far right is sliding down a mound of snow and in front there are 3-4 snow balls.

If you are creative then you can create just about anything with this clay. You can purchase it just about any place. I got mine at Walmart but I also saw it at AC Moore which is a pretty big craft shop here on the East Coast. This is what it looks like and it costs about $9.00.

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