Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fishy Swimming In The Water

This is a cute aquarium seen that my daughter made me when she was in elementary school. I have it hanging on my bathroom door.

Materials Needed:
8 small popsicle sticks
Cardboard square(I used the back of a notepad)
Craft foam (Blue,llight beige,green)
Craft foam fish
Sea shell
Wiggley eyes
Craft glue
Ribbon or a shoe string
Duct Tape

  1. Cut cardboard  5 inches by 5 inches
  2. Glue blue craft foam to cardboard and then trim off anything extra.
  3. Cut beige craft foam (this will be the sand Should measuer about 1" high and 5 " across)
  4. Glue at the bottom,flush with edge
  5. Glue your fish,sea shells and starfish
  6. Glue  wiggley eyes on the fish
  7. Now glue the popsicle sticks around the perimeter of the picture
  8. Cut a piece of ribon 5" in length and tape with duct tape to the back of the art work.
Mom and Dad should love these fish. They are clean andnd----you don't have to feed them either!!

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