Sunday, May 15, 2011

Name Plaque

This is a really simple project that I did one Saturday afternoon with my daughter. She glued her name to the wood ribbon but it could be a name, a simple saying or even just a word like Mom or Dad or I love you.

Materials Needed:
1 piece of wood ribbon (from craft shop such as AC Moore,Michaels,JoAnne's etc...)
Wooden Letters
2 Hearts of any type of ornamental wood such as music notes, hair clippers,football,cheerleading)
Craft Glue (it's more sticky)
Colored Paint
Spray Vanish
Duct Tape

Lay old newspaper out on a hard surface (table). Paint the letters and allow to dry. Once they dry glue letters onto ribbon or whatever kind of board you chose. Allow to dry. Now have your parent take outside and spray with vanish to seal and protect your art work. Once the piece dries completely (usually 24 hours) take a piece of ribbon about 5-6" and using the duct tape secure each side to the back of the wood. Voila! Now you have your name plaque and it's already for hanging.

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