Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day or Anytime

With Mother's Day approaching I wanted to share with you a very special sentimental gift that you can make for merely pennies yet to your Mom it will be priceless!

When my daughter was in elementary school she made me a this very craft for Mother's Day. You can't see it well from the photo but in the center is a beautiful poem about handprints. If you Mom (or even Grandma) is a sentimental mush like me trust me she will love,love,love this and treasure your handprints forever!! 
  • Large piece of colored poster board or colored stock (Needs to be at least 10x13)
  • Clear laminating film
  • Colored tempra paint (only need 1 color)
  • Printer to print out poem
  1. Print out poem and glue onto the center of the board.
  2. Quickly put some paint onto your hands either via a paintbrush or sipping them into the paint (you can put some into a flat pan,either way works)
  3. Now carefully lay your hands down onto the board putting one hand on each side of the board.
  4. After it is completely dry you can have the child write his name in the middle of the art work and maybe sign it "I love you (insert name).
  5. Once it is dry have someone help you laminate it. Be very careful as you only get one chance to cover it---it sticks like molasses!

Click onto link and the poem will open. When it opens hit Print. If you have any problems please leave me a message so I can repair it. Thanks!!

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