Thursday, November 24, 2011

Angelic Craft

We love angels in my house. I collect them and have them hanging on a wall in my hallway. This cute little angel my daughter helped to make when she was about 3 or 4 years old.

Materials Needed:
White Foam
Yellow Foam (or Gold--if you can find it.)
Flesh Foam 
Some gold or silver trim (fabric isle)
Craft Glue
Permanent Marker
Gold metallic Pipe Cleaner 
White Lace

Open the template and cut the pieces out. Lay on top of foam and trace with a pen. Once you do that you can cut your foam pieces out. Glue arms to white body. Glue round head to top of body. Now you are ready to glue the wings to the back and the hands and feet.

Once everything is secure in place you can begin decorating. Just look at the pictures to see how to decorate or use your own style and decorate how you see fit. Doing crafts you can be as creative as you wish. As you can see my angel is different from my daughter's and that's makes yours unique.

Angel Template

Books related to our project--
Christmas Angels: Read and Share
For more info

Little Angels' Book of Christmas

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