Friday, November 11, 2011

Handprint Turkey

It's almost turkey time. Thanksgiving will be here on November 24th. Here is an easy craft for children.

Materials needed:

Paint or crayons
Sturdy paper plates
Construction paper
Colored feathers
Wiggly eyes
Duck Tape
Hole puncher

TEMPLATE (I made a template for those who need one.)

Directions: (Requires adult supervision.)
  1. First either use the template or trace your hand onto brown construction paper.
  2. After tracing hand, slowly and carefully cut the hand out.
  3. Now glue the hand to your paper plate.
  4. Next decorate and make as pretty as you wish,use your imagination.
  5. If you do not have feathers you can improvise with colored construction paper. Just cut out some feather shapes and glue onto plate. (They will go right where your fingers are on the cut out hand.)
  6. Now trace and cut out the wattle. The wattle is red.
  7. Once you cut out then glue under your turkey's chin.
  8. Now trace two yellow legs for your turkey.
  9. Once they are cut out glue onto your turkey.
  10. Finish by glueing some big wiggly eyes onto your turkey.
  11. Punch a hole into the paper plate and attach a ribbon so you can hang your turkey up for thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Books--
The Littlest Pilgrim
Reviewed on Amazon--"This is a very sweet story with which many little kids (especially ones with big brothers and sisters!) can identify. The book is about Mini, a pilgrim who wants to help. But everyone is too busy or she's too little to help with any chores. What makes this book unique is the setting. She's wanting to help stack wood and mend dresses and bake bread... all of these activities can lead to great questions/discussions about early Americans. So cute!" For more information

The First Thanksgiving
Reviewed on Amazon--"I like this book, it has cute pictures, but the story doesn't really flow well especially with the flaps. There are a lot of flaps on some pages and 1 on others. Some have words under the flaps, some don't. It's just kind of awkward. The story is nice and so are the pictures, but the flaps kind of ruin it all." For more information

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