Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Napkin Rings

With thanksgiving approaching quickly you will want to do these napkin rings rather quickly. (Sorry, I'm behind---I am recovering from hand surgery.)

Materials needed:
Float Wooden spoons (you can purchase at craft store.You will need 5 for each ring)
Craft paint (basic colors)
Paper Towel or toilet paper tube
Wiggly eyes
Craft glue
Red felt 

Cover area with newspaper. Paint 6 of the wooden spoons in a variety of colors but make sure you paint 1 yellow for it's head.(this will be the tail of the turkey.) Now cut a 2" section of the roll and paint it brown. Glue pieces together and voila you have a thanksgiving day napkin ring. You can take it one step further and add name cards if you wish. Just type the names in a fancy font in word on your computer and print on card stock. Once you print the names out,cut in uniform rectangles and glue to front of the turkey.


Thanksgiving books:
Five Silly Turkeys
Reviewed on Amazon--"I bought this book on sale and planned to save it for Thanksgiving. My five month old son loved it so it is one we read a lot now. This board book has five "feathers" that make that crinkle sound babies love. I didn't give it five stars because ideally it would have a better coating around the feathers to protect it a little more from all the chewing it is forced to endure." For more info

Thanks for Thanksgiving
Reviewed on Amazon--From floating leaves to the family we love, THANKS FOR THANKSGIVING illustrates the grateful attitude in action through a child's eyes as he observes his family preparing for the big turkey Feast and plays through the many ordinary, special moments with his family members in the traditions that impart meaning to this all-important American holiday. Elegantly simple rhymes appear on every page meshed with marvelous watercolors that capture each theme. These are pictures worth more than a thousand words about turkey and pie, school and music, play dates with siblings, friends and pets, winter activities & bedtime routine with daddy and mommy, and finally passing that moonlit night to welcome together grandparents and relatives for a round table full of food - a delicious celebration of family life and a visual appreciation for Thanksgiving." For more info

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