Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corn Craft

This is an easy to make craft for the little ones.


  • Print corn template and cut out the pieces.
  • Now trace the pieces onto construction paper or card stock (which I preferr) and cut.
  • Place the corn and husk onto cardboard to make strogner and glue in place.
  • Cover the center corn piece with a layer of glue.
  • Add beans to the glue. You can toss them onto the glue or place one at a time---either way will work just fine.
The finished product should look something like this.

Book realated to thanksgiving---

                                             Ten Fat Turkeys
Reviewed on Amazon---"This cute book counts down the 10 fat turkeys-great for the holidays. One by one, each turkey leaves the fence in a creative way. This book is good for the pre-schooler learning to count or learning the concept of subtraction. The illustrations are great! The turkeys looks as if they have their own personalities, and their facial expressions are adorable. Great buy!" For more information

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