Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ho,Ho,Ho...Santa Claus is coming to town

Well...Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten. Bellies are full and people are traveling back home after a fun filled Thanksgiving. Now it's time to think about Christmas crafts and here is a cute idea for the older kids and Mom.

Materials needed:
red embroidery thread
white embroidery thread
green embroidery thread
craft glue or glue gun (with supervision)
permanent marker
red felt
little white pom-pom

Santa Claus-
Step#1---Take two toothpicks and wrap each pick tightly with red embroidery thread.
Once you have wrapped the arms cut the tread and glue the end piece to hold it in place. 

Step#2--Now take 1 clothespin and wrap each leg in red embroidery thread. After you wrap the second leg continue wrapping up to the neck of the clothespin. The round part of the clothespin is the head of Santa Claus. Once you secure the thread you can proceed to the next step.

Step#3--Glue arms to body. Once the arms are secure you can take the red thread and go around the entire body (chest area) to help with securing the arms.

Step#4--Once arms are secure you need to add white thread around Santa's legs and waist...and create his beard. I created his beard by taking a bit of white thread and gluing it to his face but you could also use a white cotton ball if this is easier for you.

Step#5--Make a little hat out of red felt and glue it to Santa's head. Once it is secure you can wrap some white embroidery thread around the base of the hat so that it looks like Santa's hat. Glue a little white pom-pom to the end of the hat and voila!

Step#6--Take your permanent black  marker and make Santa a happy face.

And some terrific Holiday Books---
Room for a little one:A Christmas Tale
Reviewed on Amazon--"My daughter is 19 months old and loves this book, which was a surprise to me. She loves finding the mouse, which is very small and somewhat difficult to find. The animals are very real-looking, which is kinda eery, but very beautiful. My daughter enjoys pointing out Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It is definitely a beautiful book with a neat story. A great christmas gift!" For more info

Merry Christmas, Stinky Face
We really enjoy the "Stinky Face" series of books. My only surprise was that it was a board book, but that's okay because I have a 2 and 7 year old. McCourt is so creative and if you don't have this book for Christmas, I'd suggest you get it. For more info

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