Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Easy Christmas Wreath for the Moms

Here is a beautiful Christmas wreath that I made and it basically cost me a dollar for the wreath and another dollar for the ribbon ---plus things I had in my house.

Materials needed:
Pine wreath
Glue gun and glue sticks
Ribbon (for bow) 
String of lights (optional)
5-6 colored glass or plastic balls
Plastic snowflakes (optional)

Directions--Lay wreath on the table. Position ornaments and then glue with your hot glue gun. Position your bow and snowflakes then glue into place. After it dries add your string of lights and voila! you now have a beautiful wreath to display on your door or wall and it cost a fraction of what it costs in the stores today.

More holiday books--
Merry Christmas Stinky Face
Reviewed on Amazon--Fun, creative book for kids of all ages. We really enjoy the "Stinky Face" series of books. My only surprise was that it was a board book, but that's okay because I have a 2 and 7 year old. McCourt is so creative and if you don't have this book for Christmas, I'd suggest you get it. For more information

Humphrey's First Christmas 

Reviewed on Amazon---"Incredible art work, visually awesome for children and adults of all ages. The story is just as touching, Humphrey wanted his blanket, that he had lost so bad, and once he got it, he gave it as a gift to the baby Jesus, what a wonderful story of giving. A book that is a treasure for all generations. For more information

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