Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Cheer Ornament

Every year at Christmas time we have a tradition. My tradition is to buy my daughter an ornament. I have been doing this ever since she was an infant and I try to coincide in with whatever the favorite thing is that year. 

Well,in 2009 my daughter was really into cheerleading.
She cheered for the Bayhawks. I couldn't find a blue and white cheer ornament however I did find a cheer ornament in red at Walmart...(and it was only a dollar.) 

I purchased the ornament and then painted it blue and white to match my daughter's school colors. I even made the outfit look just like the one she wore for cheering. I even wrote "Bayhawks" on the jersey to make it authentic! 

Let me tell you that ornament was a hit. It just goes to show you that you don't have to spend lots of money to give your child something special. Make it personal,give them something special that represents them and they will love it.

More holiday books:

The Night Before Christmas
Reviewed on Amazon--"A Must Have for Kids from 1-92! Thanks to this special story, children across the globe go to sleep every Christmas Eve dreaming magical, wonderous dreams that only kids can dream! Save this book for a special, single reading that takes place just once a year - on the night before Christmas. It will become a holiday memory your little elves will cherish for life!"

Bright Baby Touch & Feel Merry Christmas 

Reviewed on Amazon--Cute book!
Our 11 mo. old loves this book. Plays with it all the time. Small, simple and fun to touch. Great little board book!

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