Saturday, May 11, 2013

DIY Banks

Here's a terrific opportunity to make a nice piggy bank and teach children the value of saving a dollar. Here's some pretty easy and terrific bank ideas that I've found. You can also make banks using old Pringle cans,bleach bottles,soda bottles,softener bottles, coffee cans. Recycle corks and lids,save those pieces of scraps,wiggly eyes and sequin trims. Have fun and be creative!!


Click HERE for instructions


Click HERE to make this cute piggy

Click HERE for instructions

Click HERE for instructions

Books related to this project--

The Berenstain Bears Piggy Bank Blessings (I Can Read!  In The Berenstain Bears' Piggy Bank Blessings , a level one Berenstain Bears Living Lights I Can Read, Mama Bear thinks it is time to teach the cubs about saving money for something special. Even the Bible says each one of us should put aside some of our earnings! But will the cubs listen to Mama and scripture, or will they spend their money on things they do not need?

One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent: All About Money
THE CAT IN the Hat puts to rest any notion that money grows on trees in this super simple look at numismatics, the study of money and its history. Beginning with the ancient practice of bartering, the Cat explains various forms of money used in different cultures, from shells, feathers, leather, and jade to metal ingots to coins (including the smallest—the BB-like Indian fanam—and the largest—the 8-foot-wide, ship-sinking limestone ones from the Islands of Yap!), to the current king of currency, paper. Also included is a look at banking, from the use of temples as the first banks to the concept of gaining or paying interest, and a step-by-step guide to minting coins. A fascinating introduction is bound to change young reader’s appreciation for change!

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