Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY Cat Bed

I love this simple idea and can't wait to imply it to make my Millie a new cat bed. There really isn't much to it,this is what you will need:

  • A wicker basket
  • Foam
  • Piece of material or an old blanket
  • Nails and hooks to secure basket on wall

You have to measure your basket and then measure and cut foam (length and width) accordingly. I plan to use an old piece of fleece blanket to cover the foam rubber. I have plenty of fleece blanket's that have holes in them or have stains that I can make use of and I'm sure Milley will enjoy the softness of the fleece. You can sew by hand but I plan to sew mine on the sewing machine so that it looks more professional. I plan to hang this in my daughter's room and I might make one one for the upstairs.

Books related to our project:
Chester's Back!

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Kitten's Summer
A beautifully illustrated picture book introducing toddlers to animals in the farmyard and the woods on a rainy summer day. It's a rainy summer day, and Kitten is meeting all sorts of animals taking shelter from or enjoying the warm rain, including a fox, a turtle, a beaver and many more. As in the two previous titles in the Kitten series, rhyming couplets capture the animals' actions, making this book another fantastic interactive read-aloud. Young readers will delight in discovering animal habitats, picking out seasonal details in the exquisite mixed-media art, and searching for and finding Kitten on every page. Available on amazon

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