Saturday, May 18, 2013

Initially Speaking

Wherever you go now a day you see these huge alphabet letters in the craft aisles at places like Walmart, AC Moore and other big name craft shops.

 You can do many things with these giant letters. You can add fabric like the one you see here on your right. Then you can add some type of trim that you can get at any craft or fabric store. This would be one option.

On the other hand, another thing you might try is cover the letter in glitter. You can buy glitter almost anywhere. My favorite is the Martha Stewart brand. She has fine glitter and they are so colorful too. Let your imagination run wild. Think of a chameleon and do it in stripes or maybe polka dots.


You could decorate a letter with colorful buttons, or maybe with mosaic squares. Alternatively, even with photographs as you see in this photograph to the right. Yes,...there's many fun and innovative ways you can decorate these letter.

The key is just to have fun and use your imagination!

Books related to our project:

Alphabet Fun Children's Rhyming Picture Book Alphabet Fun rhyming book is filled with creative pages that are meant to be silly and have your children wanting to read it over and over again. The book uses colorful pictures that makes it fun to learn their ABC's and all the letters in the alphabet. Available on amazon

ABC Come Play With Me: A Picture Alphabet Book for Young Children

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