Sunday, May 5, 2013

Resin Art

I've been anxious to try this craft ever since I saw it on Pinterest. It's called RESIN ART.

You can make all sorts of neat things. Things like jewelry, coasters, art, bangles and other cool projects.

Here's a link with the tutorial and some additional links. I can't wait to try this soon.

Books related to our projects:
Resin Jewelery
Accessible and flexible, resin is an ideal material for creating jewelery. Kathie Murphy's book is an essential introductory guide to resin jewellery for newcomers and a highly useful reference tool and source of inspiration for established jewelers. It discusses resin, its history, how to store it, different types of resin and their uses and employs a step-by-step approach to demonstrate how to make a wide range of resin jewellery. It is illustrated throughout with examples of pieces made by an international group of artists. Available on Amazon
Sharon's NO-FAIL Guide to Pouring Resin Jewelry
Sharon's book is detailed, organized, and easy-to-follow. She wrote her "How-To" book because she wanted to help others enjoy first time success with resin. In addition to her step-by-step presentation, she also provides her readers with a humorous look at her own personal ups and downs using resin. "It’s so important to take oneself lightly", she says, "I've enjoyed life more, I think, because I'm able to laugh at myself". Sharon is a life-long artist, but her journey with resin jewelry, has just begun. She shares how, and why she decided to explore this medium during the first chapter of her book. In the beginning, Sharon experimented with many different materials and techniques, taking photographs of her acrylic paintings, and then downsizing them to fit into various jewelry styles, shapes and sizes. Sharon’s husband writes "The Business Bonus Chapter". Lyle has over 40 years of successful business experience. He provides a brief overview into marketing your handcrafted jewelry. Available on Amazon

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