Sunday, May 19, 2013

Get Buggy

I don't know a boy (and some girls!) who doesn't like to collect bugs. When I was a kid I used to like to go outside and collect either lightning bugs, catepillars or ants.

Whichever bug it was I'd make their home accordingly. The most fascinating of course was the catepillars because eventually they would make a cocoon, turn into some type of brown moth, and fly away.

The ants were cool too with all the ant hills and mazes they would make. Watching them carry their food that sometimes looked bigger than they were and wondering how they did it. The world of bugs is fascinating and it's definitely a learning experience.

Click here to learn about those noisy crickets you hear in your back yard every night while trying to sleep. In addition, here is a fascinating website about bugs and crickets. They have some fascinating tidbits of information.

 One thing I found out today was this--did you know a cricket has no backbone? Now you will need your math skills for this next one--- did you know that if you listen to a cricket chirp for 15 seconds and count the amount of chirps it makes then add 37 to that number that that's what the temperature will be the next day. Interesting fact huh? I thought that was pretty cool.

 Here are some cool ideas for kids to make:





Books related to our project:
                                The Pink Cricket
Most crickets are green and play the violin, but not this cricket. He's pink and loves the drums, two things that all the other crickets make fun of him for. But he doesn't give up, follows his dreams, and really shows them what a pink cricket drummer is made of!
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Ladybug Girl and Her Mama
Ladybug Girl loves her mama, and can't wait to spend the day with her. They plant flowers in the garden, share a special lunch, and enjoy a favorite movie. Together-time has never been so sweet. This simple story celebrates the special bond between moms and daughters, perfect for the youngest readers.
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