Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boxing Glove Ornaments

This awesome craft can be used for any time including my favorite holiday Christmas. Here are the directions to make these cute red boxing gloves.


Boxing isn't just for boys,see this cute story I wrote about Pinky. Pinky has a point to prove. She wants to show the world that girls are just as brave and smart as boys. Join Pinky in the ring as she serves up a one two punch and takes them down for the count in this humorous tale for all ages.

You can find out more or purchase Pinky here.

Reviews for Pinky

Imagine the joy of selling off an annoying younger sibling! No more fighting, biting, or tattling. But who will you play with after your sister is gone? Children will learn to appreciate the value of family, even if getting along takes some work.

Find reviews here.

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    1. Thank you Muhammad. I love kids and I do it for them. Hope you can put some of the crafts here in this blog to good use.My best regards--