Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Made Dog Soap

Rub-a-dub-rub doggies is in the tub. Since I posted bath scrubs for humans yesterday I thought why not take care of the furry variety today. Here is a home-made soap for your doggy. It's made out of tree tea oil which will help repel fleas.

Tree Tea Oil Doggie Soap

Reading is important for children. Here are some fun read aloud books or books that parents can read to their children. Since we have dog soap I am adding a couple of books about dogs. There are plenty of books on the market but I choose to bring back some older books that people may have forgotten.

This review is from: Help Me, Mr. Mutt!: Expert Answers for Dogs with People Problems (Hardcover) First of all, it shouldn't be Mr. Mutt; it should be DR. MUTT because what we have here is sound parenting advice for dogs stuck in a world of clueless humans and arrogant cats. Following the good Dr.'s advice, dogs of all breeds can make their lives infinitely more enjoyable. Here we learn about various means of "obtaining" people food which is much tastier than the bagged Styrofoam that dogs are forced to consume. We also learn about the multiple uses for the toilet--not only as a source of liquid refreshment but also as a dunk tank for kitties. Caution to cats: you don't want to look at this. I would suggest that you find your own book--you don't fare too well here. This will be one of the 10 funniest books I'll see this year (and it's only March). It's an absolute joy. 5 Stars each for the authors and 5 more for the book--that's 15 stars and they've earned every one of them. Craig Case-Oklahoma
I use this book with my middle school students to show VOICE in writing(from Six Traits Writing). It's a great model for personification also. The kids love the book, even though it's not for the reading age. Trevor M.

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