Sunday, June 19, 2011

Funny Yarn Octopus

As kids my sisters and I made these crazy octopus's. Each of us had our favorite color and we would each have our own use for them as well. I had a purple one and I use mine as a barrette holder. My sister's had blue and yellow. My oldest sister kept her's on her bed pillow while my other sister strolled her's around in her baby carriage.

Whatever you choose to do with your octopus is entirely up to you. They are great for gifts,church bazaars,craft shows,vacation bible school projects etc...

So,have fun and let your imagination soar!


Here are some fun books about octopus--

"This is a great, simple, accurate, sweet book about a little girl who has a brother with Down syndrome. It explains that kids with Down syndrome need more time and patience, but they all can learn to do the things other kids do. I highly recommend this book to kids with Down syndrome and their siblings, friends, neighbors and relatives. It's good on its own and as an alternative to What's Wrong With Timmy?, a book that covers the same topic in a much less appealing manner." Reviewed By Alice F. 

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 One More Time, Please
"This is a cute, fun story with bright and colorful illustrations. I just bought this book for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. She really enjoys it, and I enjoy reading it to her - which is a good thing since she always wants me to read it "one more time, please".

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