Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fish Magnets

This is a fun and easy craft for children. Here is the link for the directions:

Fish Magnets

One very important thing from the "things you will need list" was magnets. You can buy the magnet in a roll and then cut off as much as you will need. I have seen it sold in places like Walmart,AC Moore and other craft shops both in brick and mortar shops and online.

Have a fun time making your fish. Be creative and have fun!!

Do you remember years ago a very nice story by the name if Rainbow Fish? My daughter used to love this story. Here are some links to some fun books about fish. Click on the link under each book and it will take you to it's webpage.

Rainbow Fish
By A CustomerThis review is from: The Rainbow Fish (Hardcover)
I had heard alot about the famous rainbow fish books and when I saw the 10th anniversary book out, I decided to buy it for my 2 year old. I happily sat down with her at bedtime to read her the story and I finished the book feeling not so happy about the book. The rainbow fish is aesthetically, a very pleasing book, with it's beautiful many hued fish and the shimmery shiny scales, but all the visual effects do not make for the rather unpleasant story line. Sharing is one thing, but when you have to give away the one thing that makes you unique in order to cultivate friends suggests that the only way friendship can be had is through purchase. The little fish asks a second time for a scale, even though he was refused the first time after which he alienated all the other fish from rainbow fish. What does the story say about small (minded, greedy) people who want what another has and when they don't get it they go around poisoning everyones' minds against the person? This story left a bad taste and I returned the book the very next day.

This review is from: Fish Face (The Kids of the Polk Street School) (Paperback) This book is one I read 11 years back when I was in 4th grade. These Polk St. school books are a lot of fun for everyone! My dad used to send away for Weekly Reader Books for me and one that came in the mail was book #1 in this series, The Beast In Ms. Rooney's Room. I'd enjoyed it and didn't realize it was a series until I saw a friend reading different Polk St. books. I ran out and bought this one, #2. It is so good. About Emily, who befriends a new girl, Dawn from Florida. Then Emily's rubber unicorn, Uni, her prized posession, turns up missing and Emily has a notion Dawn took it but can't prove it. She is devistated. I won't tell you anymore, you need to read it yourself.

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