Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiny Pet Bowls

I love guniea pigs. We had one for many,many years. Her name was Piggie. She loved to eat especially cucumbers and yogurt. She would oink up a storm every time I came into the room or if I was making a salad for myself. If I didn't walk over and say hello to her she would keep oinking and making a lot of noise.

As you can see from this photo on your left our Dog also loved Piggie. They would lounge around on the sofa together. Piggie would bite Cuddles nails and she sit right there and let her.

Here is a craft you can make for your miniature furry little creatures.

Materials needed:
Plain terra cotta bowl
Colored permanent markers
Non-Toxic aryclic Paint

Directions--Choose a color and paint the outside of the bowl. After it paint the inside of the bowl and then make your design. Be creative and make it colorful. After it dries protect it with spray vanish and allow to draw. After it dries make sure you wash with soap and water before allowing your guinea pig or hamster to eat from it.

Here are some childrens book related to Guinea Pigs and Hamsters.
Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure (Paperback) Reviewed By Reader's Favorites
"Aimed at ages 4-6, Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure is a daring tale of adventure, heroism, and a `never-say-die' attitude. Family pet and escape artist extraordinaire, Piggie Wiggie the Guinea Pig is out the cage and on the loose, ready for adventure. What an adventure it turns out to be as Piggie explores a brave new world. First up is a ride in a remote control toy car. Thrills and spills ensue with a happy, soft, safe ending in a pile of pillows. But wait! There's more. Stuffed to the gills with a delicious (and illicit) feast of fresh veggies, Piggie has a close encounter of the soggy kind in a bathtub of water and more toys. Undaunted, Piggie Wiggie wriggles from one disaster to another, culminating in a sensational showdown with Scruffy the cat. What will become of this intrepid Guinea Pig, who should add `explorer' to its name? Read on...

This a charming story for young children, made even more memorable by the fact that Piggie Wiggie's adventures are based on the Houdini-like antics of a real family pet, a Guinea Pig owned by author and illustrator, M. J. Daley-Prado. This adds a delightful authenticity and will endear the story even more to young readers. The author also includes some quite `big' words in the tale and it's an ideal opportunity for parents and teachers to begin expanding a young reader's vocabulary by explaining the words.

This talented author also illustrated the book and her captivating images of Piggie Wiggie in action make the story come alive, elevating this book to another level of enjoyment. An unexpected but excellent addition is a reading guide at the back for parents and children seeking a Guinea Pig as a pet. Topics range from caring for the new pet to dealing with the inevitable."
"These books are marvelous for getting your grandbabies to read ...I pretend I don't have a clue about STINK and they also EXPLAIN to their less than with it Grandma WHAT the book is about ...I'm a firm believer in READING and these help me create an atmosphere of pleasure while reading for my girls." Reviewed by:N.Lambert 

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