Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice Candle

This is a fun project for the older kids. It's easy and fun but requires some supervision. My sister's and I made these in summer camp years ago. They make a cool gift for you,your Mom or anyone else on your list. 

Ice Candle

Some cool books on candles:

"The latest in the Quick Starts for Kids series, Create Your Own Candles: 30 Easy-To-Make Designs is a guide for readers ages 10 to adult to making candles and candle holders. An easy, fun, and inexpensive activity book, Create Your Own Candles requires little more than wax, wicks, old pans for heating the wax, utensils for stirring and cutting, and suitable glass containers which can be found at secondhand stores. Chapters cover beeswax candles, molded candles, hand-dipped candles, gel candles, and vibrant candle holders that can be made from recycled materials. A list of safety tips, such as the importance of using baking soda or a pot lid to smother a wax fire (water will not extinguish a wax fire because wax floats on water) rounds out this practical and adventurous guide, illustrated with black-and-white sketches throughout. Of course, Create Your Own Candles presumes that younger children will have adult supervision when engaging in this craft, and warns that certain types of wax will render pots and pans too waxy for use in regular cooking. A handy, easy-to-follow walk through for a great craft project, holiday gift making, or family fun activity." Reviewed by:Midwest Book Review    To Purchase

To Purchase

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