Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black Cat Party Favor

Here's an adorable black cat favor basket that I found online at allcrafts. What a cute idea and it could be used for trick or treating as well as a party.

Here's what you will need--

*Nut cup or tiny basket
*Black chenille stem
*1" black pom-pom
*Moving eyes
*5mm pink pom-pom for nose
*Heavy thread for whiskers
*Black felt for ears

Directions--Cut chenille stem into two 3-1/4" pieces for legs and one 6" piece for back and tail. Bend two small pieces for the legs into half circles. Hot glue each to cup, front and back, with 'feet' about 1" apart. (They will look like handles.) Wrap the long piece of chenille stem around the top of the legs to form the back and tail. Glue pom-pom in place, cut small triangle ears out of black felt and glue onto pom-pom head. Glue on eyes, whiskers and nose.

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