Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sandwich Costume

Money is tight and sometimes we have to be frugal in our attempts to make things everyone happy. Here is another fun idea for a Halloween costume. Check out for more neat ideas.

Costume Materials
Foam of varying widths
different shades of brown and green spray paint
duct tape
hot glue
staple gun
Costume Instructions
  • Cut a large bread shape out of cardboard
  • Take a large piece of paper and cut bread shape as well. 
  • Crumple the paper and then spread it on top of the cardboard.
  • Staple the paper to the cardboard.
  • Spray it lightly with spray paint so that it looks toasted. 
  • Spray paint the foam for the crust a dark brown and stapled it around each side of the cardboard slices. I used foams of different colors to represent the different things in the sandwich, such as the tomato, ham, cheese, and lettuce. 
  • For the pickle hat I use foam with ridges already in it and spray paint it green. 
  • Attach some elastic so that it can be worn as a hat.
  • Hot glue and wooden dowel to the top for the toothpick hat. 
  • Attach two strings or shoe laces over the shoulders for them to wear it over their head. 
Books related to project:

Witches' Night Before Halloween

by Lesley Bannatyne

Reviewed on Amazon--"I loved this book, and so did the children I read it with! The text has a familiar style and tells the story of some creative witches preparing Halloween night for their children. It rhymes and invites kids to repeat lines they like. The theme is Halloween-creepy but it is not scary at all (so it's really child-appropriate) and the kids loved the illustrations.
You've never seen witches like these before- all manner of Halloween beasties are drawn so well and there is a surprise on every page. Great for kids under age 10 or so with wit and humor that will entertain the adults reading the book too! Great for the season and highly recommended!"   To Purchase

Behind The Mask
by Yangsook Choi
Reviewed on Amazon--"Kimin, a Korean-American boy, finally decides to dress as his grandfather for Halloween. But this is more than a mere Halloween story. It is a touching look at how the American Kimin finds a connection with his Korean grandfather, as well as the remarkable role the grandparent held in their cultural ancestry. He had been a mask dancer, the significance of which the author's note briefly explains. Beautifully painted replicas of masks and glimpses of clothing and decor carry the feel of Korea though the book. An exquisitely executed book." To Purchase

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