Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Jar

Pumpkins make Halloween---at least that's what I think. This cute little pumpkin will make a person smile and add some pizzazz to any decor'.
Materials needed:
  • Craft Paints (White,Pumpkin, Baby Blue,Black,Green,Orange        
  • Brushes #0
  • Craft Glitter
  • Christmas Green
  • Lite Varnish 
  • Paint brushes--#8 flat brush,#12 flat brush
  • Water container
  • Paper towels
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Tracing and transfer paper
  • Stylus or pen
  • Self-adhesive paper (Contact)
  • Green chenille stem
  • Green craft foam
Instructions--Clean jar in warm, soapy water.Rinse and dry completely. Use scissors to cut out green foam leaf shapes. Use craft knife or scissors to cut mouth shape from self-adhesive paper. Position and press shape onto jar. Basecoat jar and lid with Multi-Purpose Sealer. Paint lid and neck of jar Hauser Light Green. Paint remainder of jar Pumpkin. Trace and transfer patterns for eyes and nose, or use chalk pencil to draw shapes on jar paint eyes White, Baby Blue irises and Lamp Black pupils. Highlight with White. Paint nose Orange. Remove adhesive paper from mouth area. Use liner brush and Lamp Black to outline shapes. Brush Star Lite Topcoat over jar and Christmas Green Craft glitter over leaves and lid.Mist jar and lid with Americana Matte Spray.Twistchenille stem around jar top. Position and adhere foam leaves onto chenille

When in doubt improvised---make it your own!

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Books related to our project:

Nate The Great And The Halloween Hunt

By:Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Reviewed on Amazon--"This is a good book for Halloween because it takes place on Halloween. It is really, really, really funny. Nate thought his dog was a ghost and that made me laugh. It was my favorite Nate the Great book. It was the funniest book I ever read."

To Purchase

The Halloween Tree 

By:Rad Bradbury
Reviewed on Amazon--"You might want to dismiss this as one of Bradbury's lesser works because of the simplistic plot and writing style but that would be a mistake. What we have here is one of his most important books and one of his best. Taking cues from Dickens, Bradbury writes a timeless tale of Halloween that isn't carried along by dovetailing plottwists or dense knotted prose but simply a quest to save someone and the boundless exuburance of children. I literally finished this while waiting for a class to start and when I had a few pages left and class started I sat there and finished the book. Once you start reading it you can't stop, the momentum of is one of constant motion. And it's not a kids book, sure the themes of innocence are there but also are the more serious topics of death and darkness, as seen through the filters of a child. For all it's length it's a perfect book for the most part and one that deserves to be read every year together with a bunch of people. On Halloween of course." To Purchase

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