Saturday, September 17, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spider Coming Your Way

Creep into Halloween with this neat spider web that you all can easily make...
Here's what you are going to need:
3 Candy Pop Sticks
White Yarn
Chunky Foamy Spider
Low Temp Glue Gun

Glue together 3 pop sticks in the shape shown on the photo above. Wrap yarn several times around the middle pieces adding dabs of glue to secure. Begin wrapping around the sticks to make the spider web. You'll have to use dabs of glue to keep the yarn in place. Glue on a foamy spider. Make a hanger from a piece of yarn.

Books related to this project:
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"Seven Siberian spiders on the loose makes Pearl's life even worse! As the spiders watch the seven girls gathering they fall in love. They want to be loved by someone. Though, as they get bigger and meaner it becomes more dangerous for the girls. The spiders start to follow them everywhere. It is also very exciting when someone gets bitten and everyone rushes her to the hospital. They try their hardest to comfort her while she is in pain. Soon there aren't anymore spiders of that rare kind to live anymore. That will be a good thing for humans but sad for the spiders who really just wanted to be loved"~Reviewed by "A Kid" 

"Kelly DiPucchio's lyrics in SIPPING SPIDERS THROUGH A STRAW: CAMPFIRE SONGS FOR MONSTERS tells of monster sing-alongs with new, fun songs set to old tunes, such as '99 Bottles of Blood on the Wall' and 'A-Camping We Will Go'. Gris Grimly's zany drawings enhance a fun set of sing-along modifications"~Reviewed by Midwest Book Review

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