Friday, September 23, 2011

Box of Popcorn Costume

Every Halloween my Mom would help us make great Halloween costumes. We were in the girl scouts and other activities so we always had fun things going on at our house when I was growing up. Here's a really fantastic idea for a costume made by Jody Larmour. 

Materials needed:
-box large enough to fit around child
-white & red duct tape
-popped popcorn
-hot glue
-construction paper 

Cut out a head hole and slide box over child. Make arm hole marks. Remove box from child and cut out arm holes. Place white & red duct tape in vertical stripes around the entire box, working around the head & arm holes. Use the construction paper to make a "Popcorn" sign for the front. Hot glue popped corn (do not use fresh popcorn) over the top of the box. Viola! Check out Halloween Costumes on DLTK they have some wonderful ideas.

Halloween books:
Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuvler
"A simple word text by Margery Cuvler is wonderfully illustrated by S. D. Schindler making Skeleton Hiccups a highly recommendable and spooky picture book for young readers just learning to sound out their first words. The playful theme of a skeleton plagued with hiccups and the ingenious cure his ghost friend discovers make for a thoroughly delightful tale that is especially in keeping with the Halloween season"~reviewed on amazon 
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Halloween Night by Arden Druce
"Halloween Night is a Who Done It, for little ones. Each page has a poem, and the answer is found on the following page; however, if you look closely, clues to the answers are painted into the scenes. Halloween Night has a playful rhythm that flows, and the watercolor illustrations are bright, and colorful! Arden Druce, the author, doesn't overreach, and she is wonderfully descriptive, "...who can spin shimmering webs with a swirl and a twist?" For a short, 24-page book, this work carries quite an impact. Altogether, there are only 20 sentences, which takes less than 2-minutes to read, but the combination of good writing, and beautifully rendered artwork makes for a fabulous book. Adults will like this book, because it's fun to read aloud without being scary, or violent."
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