Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A,B,C for our younger crafters

Here's a great project for our crafters under age 4. Everyone learns the ABC's but here's a fun way to learn them. I have made up ABC's that you can print. Once you print them out put them into plastic sleeves and either put them into a ringed binder or a plastic folder so that they don't get messy.

Materials Needed:
A printer
Heavy Card Stock
A Hole Puncher

Click the link and the booklet will open in a new window.
This project can be as hard or as simple as you want it! The idea is to create your own alphabet book. Each page will feature a different letter of the alphabet. You can use the entire alphabet or use select letters, such as the letters in your name.

Print out all or some of the templates onto heavy paper or card stock. Once you have all of your letters  put the pages of the book in the proper order bind them together. You can staple the edge of the pages together or punch holes down the side and tie the pages together with pretty ribbon or put them into plastic sleeves and into a 1" binder like I did.

This is a sample page from the booklet.

Books related to our topic--

"My son has visually known his ABC's since he was one year old and I credit that, among other things, with the fact that he loves books and gravitated toward books like this one. It is a simple yet colorful and fun little book that I would definitely recommend!"~reviewed by Lori  



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