Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oink,Oink! Prissy Pig Bank

Today is as great as a day as any to teach your young children how to save money. And here is an adorable piggie bank to do just that.

Supplies Needed:

large plastic soda bottle
detergent bottle cap
four soda bottle caps
2 12 inch pink chenille stems
pink spray paint
serrated knife
hot glue
tacky glue
two pink card stock scrapes
two 1/2 inch black buttons
two 3/4 inch red buttons
scrap of fabric 4-5 inches by diameter of bottle
Exacto knife
small sharp scissors


Cut off the open end of the bottle back to where the detergent cap will fit up snugly to the bottle. Make a slice in the top of the bottle where you want the coin slot, half way between the front and back. Make a small hole in the top center of the back for the pipe cleaners you will twist into a tail.

Spray your detergent cap pink. You can also paint your bottle caps now too if you want them pink. Since the bottle caps are the feet, you can make them a different color. Trace your ear patterns onto your two papers, cut them out and glue the smaller one inside the larger one with tacky glue. Set them aside to dry while you wrap your fabric around the bottle.

Center the fabric from front to back then glue one end to the bottom of the bottle with the tacky glue. Top that one with the other end and secure it with tacky glue. Turn your bottle over and with sharp small scissors cut the fabric from the coin slot then put tacky glue under the fabric to hold it in place.

With the hot glue attach your bottle caps to the bottom for feet. Twist the pipe cleaners together then wrap them around a pencil for the tail; put a drop of tacky glue on one end and push it through the hole you made.

Make a pleat in each ear and glue in place with hot glue, see picture for placement, glue on the eyes and the snout and start saving your change.

Credit:By Ann from Loup City, NE

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