Sunday, August 21, 2011

MY Kids Walk All Over Me

I had to laugh when I saw this craft project. How many times have we said our kids or even our pets walk all over us?  

Here's  a fun t-shirt that you can make using your kids foot prints or even the family dog or cat. It also makes a great gift idea!


Materials Needed:White T-Shirt
Fabric Paints
Paint Brush
Styrofoam Plates or Other Shallow Containers

  • You can put fabric paint on a paper plate or in shalow dishes
  • Give each child a t-shirt
  • Lay the t-shirt out on a flat surface. Place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt so the paint doesn't leak through to the other side. You might want to keep a large container with warm soap water and towels near where you are making this t-shirt.
  • Using a paint brush paint bottom of foot and then step onto tshirt carefully so that footprint does not smear.
  • Allow to dry
  • Once the footprints dry, use fabric paint and write "My Kids Walk All Over Me".
Books related to our project:

"I was hoping that this book would bring more chuckles than it does. Coming from Jeff Foxworthy one would have that expectation. It's not a book of humorous things that kids do, well, not in the laugh out loud sense, but is a collection of cute poems for kids. I still enjoyed the book, but expected more laughs."


"This simply is one of the finest children's picture books of the year, and sure to be named on every one's Top of 2000 list. Quietly humorous and tongue-in-cheek narration, fluid and expressive black-and-white-and-red artwork, and the charming portrayal of the busy and mischievous Olivia make this an instant classic. Sight gags abound (Olivia's ambitious sandcastle, her pink-pink sunburn, her dreams of being a ballerina, and her songbook "40 Very Loud Songs") and Falconer, a New Yorker cover artist and theatre designer, portrays the never-ending energy of a tiny pig, er, girl, with wit and charm. Don't miss this one: suitable for all ages from the very young to the very old, "Olivia" is the prize of the season. It's the kind of book kids will be begging to have read to them before bed: bargaining for not once, not twice, but three times."

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